Streamlining the entire vehicle procurement journey

About Us

Founded in 2017, Fleet Procure was designed to increase efficiencies and accuracies in the Leasing industry, initially and primarily for Brokers and Dealers.

Fleet Procure believe in making the procurement and order management a simple process, using the latest technologies. Seeing the many different methods of procurement in the market, and not seeing one common industry specific software available, Fleet Procure saw a gap in the market to provide this software to bring about the necessary efficiencies in an otherwise labouring process, to assist growth in many businesses.

Working with Broker, Dealer, Finance Company and OEM Partners, Fleet Procure is a software built by industry people who have lived the day to day and understand the exact requirements.

Offering a multitude of different solutions to the market for different entities means Fleet Procure can standardise an efficient way of working for hundreds of different Partners.

Being pro-active in today’s market, rather than reactive, Fleet Procure allows for increased sales and very detailed oversight of your order bank, accessible anytime, anywhere.

With cyber security at our heart, we can guarantee all data is highly encrypted and meets all required GDPR regulations for your peace of mind.