Privacy Policy

Any customer whom wishes to request access to, or exercise their right to deletion of, data held by Fleet Procure can request this by email to We will in return of such a request make the customer aware of the dealership whom received the data from FP and provide a copy of their data policy should they wish to make a similar request. As FP is acting the data processor on your behalf, it is not your duty to provide details of the dealer or manufacturer whom has received the data.

Our dealer agreement has stipulated clauses that the dealer is not authorised to share a clients data with anyone other then the vehicle manufacturer and their appointed delivery agents, unless expressly authorised by FP or the licensed broker. Furthermore it is stipulated that data protection agreements must be in place with those third parties.

The beauty of using FP therefore is that for your own privacy policy and upfront notification of whom you are sharing a clients data with, FP blanket covers all dealerships you could/would use. With funders for example, you would need to provide a copy of a funders privacy policy prior to proposing them for finance.

Should you order a vehicle outside of FP, that data is not covered by our privacy policy and the onus will be on you to obtain the relevant privacy policies etc. You should be aware therefore that if you update your privacy policy to blanket state that for the purpose of vehicle ordering the customers data will processed by Fleet Procure whom have a number of licensed dealers used to supply your vehicle. A copy of their privacy policy can be found at: